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I’m feeling fuelled by my freedom.

Have you ever had this INSANE longing for adventure?

When your sitting at your desk, at your 9-5, do you find yourself day dreaming, and staring at the clock wishing you could be anywhere but here?

Do you LOVE meeting new people, and learning about new cultures?
Do you enjoy exploring the unknown?

When you eat out, are you the one to order the most unique item on the menu?
Are you an adrenaline junkie, and love doing activities that scare the HELL out of you?

Are you someone who CANNOT stand a routine based life, and would love nothing more than to do something NEW and exciting EVERYDAY?

If you answered YES, to ANY or ALL of these questions… then you my friend, are definitely experiencing some major WANDERLUST.

What in the heck is wanderlust you ask?

wanderlust definition

Such a simple definition.
But yet, SUCH a powerful desire.

For some people this concept ABSOLUTELY FREAKS THEM OUT.

For others, they may understand and GET what their heart is longing for, but yet they keep creating all these EXCUSES or limiting beliefs around why they can’t just get out there and start living the life of whim and wonder.

One of the biggest reasons, is that most people feel they can’t get out of their own comfort zones.

I can honestly say that about a year ago, I was that person.

I had convinced myself that the only way I could have a taste of freedom, and could fulfill my lusty soul, was to book a 1-week all-inclusive vacation.

But boy-oh-boy was I ever wrong.

The problem with all-inclusive vacations is that it’s literally just a tease of what freedom and adventure CAN feel like.

You spend months preparing for this short trip, get SO excited to experience it, and then next thing you know it’s ALL over in the blink of an eye.

When it’s all said and done… all that remains is a weeklong experience that slowly becomes a distant memory and a facebook album full of photos.

And then what do you do a year later? You book the SAME trip over and over again.

Now sure, you can book different locations, and stay longer than 7 days; maybe you stay 10 days, or 3 weeks even! But can you honestly say, after those vacations, you don’t come home feeling EXHAUSTED?

It’s almost as though you need to take a vacation FROM a vacation.

Now I’m not saying you can’t have a great time, or memorable experience on a 1 week all-inclusive, you definitely can, and I’ve certainly had my fair share.

Costa Rica Guanacaste
Pool side in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Snorkelling in Varadero, Cuba
Snorkelling in Varadero, Cuba

But I just want you to think bigger picture for a minute.

Can you imagine full on LIVING and WORKING in the country of your dreams the same way you do now? Finding a place the best aligns with WHO you are as a person, and WHAT you want out of life?

Well my friend, there are WAYS!
There are SO many ways!

The wonderful digital world has allowed this to HAPPEN!

With amazing business’s popping up online, such as AirBnB, you can now easily locate  FULLY furnished and equipped condos, lofts, apartments, BEACH HOUSES, etc that gives you that homey feel, while also providing you with all your living necessities.

You can also become someone’s houseguest, for a specified amount of time, and then leave when you’re ready to head to the next destination.

OR if you’re a pet lover, you could even housesit for someone while THEY do their traveling. All they require is feeding and walking their furry friend while doing some simple house tending, such as watering the garden, basic house cleaning and picking up their mail.

All I’m trying to say is, if there is a will, we can absolutely ALWAYS find a WAY!

And that’s exactly what Johnny and I plan to do for the next year, as we embark on a yearlong journey to travel across the Eastern Coast of Australia.

We made some huge leaps this year, to make this happen.

The biggest obstacle was getting over the fact that materialistic possessions were literally just THINGS that we had been filling our lives with.

I was reading a blog article today by David Wolfe, that talked about  people who spent their money on experiences vs. materialistic things, were ultimately MUCH happier people overall.

And you know what? He’s so right!

In the past 7 months, I’ve said good-bye to my car, my home, 1/2 my wardrobe, my 9-5 day job, most of my personal belongings are either boxed up, or sold.
And soon I will be saying good-bye to Canada.

I can 100% confirm, I’m already the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

And I haven’t even left yet.

I wake up EVERYDAY with such an overwhelming feeling of happiness.
You want to know why that is?

It’s because:

  • I’m not tied down by a car loan payment that comes out every month.
  • I’m not competing with my friends over who wore it better, or what brand names I have in my closet.
  • Nor do I even CARE what my friends or anyone else THINKS!
  • I’m not stuck at my day job being told what I have to do, or when I can leave.
I am completely, and utterly FREE.

“Keep in mind, someone else is happy with a lot less than what you have.”

If you’ve been thinking about traveling the globe, just stop thinking about it, and

Oh, you’re not ready? Well, either was I.

You’ll figure out the details later. There is NO time like the present.
My wish for you is that you stop hoping it will happen, and that you just MAKE it happen. You’re dreams can be a reality right NOW.

Stop getting in your OWN way.

May your spirit shine from the inside out X

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Now, I’d love to hear from YOU!

Have you always wanted to pickup and leave? What is it about travel that sounds so appealing to you? Do you have any fears that might be holding you back?

Let’s chat about it BELOW!


Feel free to SHARE what your mid-week reflection is.
How did you re-connect and express gratitude towards yourself this week?

This could be anything!

Do you love your ability to never give up?

Do you love that although you may be stressed, you do not bring others down?

Do you love that you helped someone achieve greatness today?

Do you love how beautiful you looked when you saw your reflection in the mirror?

Do you love the progress you’ve made on your daily to-do list?

Do you love how you perfected your workout plan?

Do you love your outfit?

Do you love your ability to smile even at the hardest of times?

Whatever it may be, materialistic, physical, or inner love… just find one thing that made your heart feel full this week.

Would love to hear from all of you!

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