WHERE’S THE LOVE WEDNESDAYS: Embracing Upper Limit Issues

Where is the Love Wednesdays

I’m Embracing my Upper Limit Issues

This week was the first time I stayed in my PJ’s all day, in YEARS!
Let’s be clear – I’m usually the type to wake up before the sun.

But after spending a weekend out of town, celebrating our big going away trip, I found myself staying up late, lowering my water in-take, not eatting as much as I normally do (since we were on the road), and indulged in one too many glasses of rose.

I was completely and utterly exhausted.
My body did not want to move.

“Perfect timing,”
I thought sarcastically.

“Not only have I missed my weekly yoga class, but I’m right in the middle of developing new products and programs for my clients. Not to mention we leave for Australia in 4 weeks! My to-do list is miles long.
I can’t get sick now! I don’t have time for this crap!”

Well, that sickness turned into the flu and for the next 2 days I was completely dead to the world. I was experiencing extreme body aches, so severe, I WAS bed ridden.
I lost my appetite, developed a fever, and had in and out sweats and chills.

Not my finest.

After seeing Johnny’s face, once he came home from work, (to find me in my flannels and still in bed for the second day in a row), with no improvement, I started to get worried.

I’ve got a strong and mighty immune system. I eat well, detox often and exercise daily! I rarely if ever, get sick.

When I finally had the strength to hold my head up, I jumped on Facebook to engage in some soulful conversation… (Limited interaction drives me CRAY-CRAY!)

I posted a more downhearted status than usual, hoping someone could provide me with some answers:

“This fever won’t break. Soo fluish. Inject me with turmeric and ginger.”

(It’s important to note, that this isn’t the norm for me. I’m a very optimistic, upbeat girl. But I just had to be REAL with what I as experiencing.)

I’m so grateful that I’ve met so many awesome girls
who are so knowledgeable in self-healing. They responded almost instantly with:

“Cold wet towels over the entire body!”
“Peppermint oil!”,
“Echinacea and oil of oregano!”

These were some of the suggestions I was given, but had also resonated with me and my body.

By this point, I was open and willing to give their suggestions a go.

Then my business coach, who has an amazing judge of character, made a very clever comment.

Sairah, do you think it’s an upper limit thing?”

Of course, only Kathleen would be onto that!

She knew I was undergoing some major strides in my business, since my corporate job went under back in the summer. I had taken on some new clients, launched my website, started blogging regularly, and had been doing lots of engagement with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Surprisingly enough, Johnny also admitted to a close friend, when we were out of town, that I was becoming a “workaholic”, and wasn’t allowing my body to fully rest the way it deserved to.

In case you’ve never heard of an “upper limit problem”, what Kathleen was referring to came from Gay Hendrick’s, boundary breaking book, called The Big Leap.

Basically, within each of us we have this internal glass ceiling that prevents us from accomplishing the next level of success, wealth, happiness, love, and intimacy that we allow ourselves to experience.

We can see where we want to go, but this invisible shield is preventing us from getting there.  It’s kinda like remaining in our comfort zone.

When we reach the peak of our achievements, (of what we feel is an acceptable and a good enough accomplishment) for example:

“Finally I’ve….”

  • met the guy of my dreams
  • lost my baby weight
  • ran a 10k
  • landed my first client
  • just received a windfall of money

    We then hit our unconscious potential and start to do things to sabotage ourselves. This then prevents us from SHATTERING those glass ceilings so we’re unable to breakthrough to the next level of success. It’s what keeps us in the old, familiar comfort zone where we feel in control.

You know you have an upper limit problem when you’ve just had a huge break-through or win and then these types of situations start to occur…

  • get in an accident
  • lose your job
  • over indulge in bad foods
  • get a parking ticket
  • break a bone
  • lose all the files you’ve saved to your computer
  • over-drink,
  • spend too much money
  • fight with your loved ones
  • get really sick

…and the list goes on, and on.

The truth is I was so incredibly excited
about the work I was putting into the world,
that I never stopped to take a break.

Here I was flying along, so oblivious, that I didn’t just bump into my upper limit glass ceiling, I full on SMACKED right into it, like a bug on a windshield.

It was just a matter of time that I needed to scale back on my projects, and slow down.

So here’s what I did:
I gave myself total permission to relax. Which, I NEVER DO.

I put on my silkiest nighty, which made me feel pretty (and not so germy).

I opted for a movie with my guy, instead of spending my night
on the Macbook doing all things business related.

I turned off my phone, and gave myself some quiet time.

I made a hot honey lemon tea, and drank it out of my favourite mug.

I also took a friends suggestion, and put a cold towel on my tummy, and on my forehead.

But most of all… I gave in.

I gave in to what my body was calling out for.
I totally embraced the upper limit problem- and just let it run its course.

Guess what happened?
Sure enough, the moment I stopped being so hard on myself and  beating myself up for being sick, that’s when I started to feel better.

Coincidence? I think NOT!

Now, I’m curious to hear if you can also relate…

Have you accomplished a major break through, to only then experience a setback?
What comfort zone patterns are you going back to?
Do you have a hard time listening to your body when it deserves some self-care?

Would love for you to share your experiences in the comments box below!


Feel free to SHARE what YOUR mid-week reflection is.

How did you re-connect, express gratitude and love towards yourself this week?

This could be anything!

Do you love your ability to never give up?

Do you love that although you may be stressed, you do not bring others down?

Do you love that you helped someone achieve greatness today?

Do you love how beautiful you looked when you saw your reflection in the mirror?

Do you love the progress you’ve made on your daily to-do list?

Do you love how you perfected your workout plan?

Do you love your outfit?

Do you love your ability to smile even at the hardest of times?

Whatever it may be, materialistic, physical, or inner love… just find one thing that made your heart feel full this week.

Would love to hear from all of you!

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All my love and encouragement XO

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