Where is the Love Wednesdays: Powerful Presence

Where is the Love Wednesdays

I’m embracing real, honest, and deep connections.

Connecting with others is such a wonderful thing.

There’s nothing I love more then meeting new people.

I love asking questions, and finding out what they are all about.

What is their passion?
What do they like to do in their spare time?
Who do they value in their lives?
What inspires them?

Everyone is so beautifully unique in his or her own way. It’s fascinating, really.

But, there are just some people that give you a little more–the power of their presence.

They give you a feel good energy when they are around.
You just can’t soak them up enough.

When you are sitting down to have a conversation with them, they are fully engaged. They aren’t fiddling around on their phone, hardly making eye contact, or giving you one-word answers just to end the conversation.

They are FULLY present.

What do you think makes these types of people different?

In my experience, I think it’s that these people are VERY good listeners.

They empathize with what you are telling them.
They ask you questions so that they can further understand what you are going through.

Do you know anyone just like that?
Someone you just vibe insanely well with?

In a world full of disconnect, when you and another person
can align mentally, spiritually and emotionally, you should HOLD on to that person and treat them as though they are a major gift.


Friendship isn’t about what others can do for you. It’s about showing up, and putting their happiness before the friendship.

A true friend inspires you to live up to your best potential, and isn’t afraid to tell you if you are self-sabotaging.

These people are sacred.

They’re like finding home.

They will help you to feel understood, respected, and whole.

And really, isn’t that what connections are all about?

I always say it’s better to have 4 quarters over 100 pennies.

This statement holds exceptionally true with the friendships I have in my life.

I may not have many friends, but I do have solid ones, and I wouldn’t trade our bond for the world!

We value and respect each other. We are also fully present in one another’s relationships.

So today, I’m expressing major gratitude to the gems.

They deserve every bit of the recognition.

How many people in your life do you feel this way about?

When was the last time you told them how much you appreciate them?

If it’s been awhile or you’ve never taken the time to let them know how much you value them in your life…

SHARE this post with them RIGHT NOW.

Let their powerful presence be KNOWN.

Lets create a LOVEFEST of people with good ass vibes.

PS. Feel free to SHARE what YOUR mid-week reflection is this week.

How did you re-connect, express gratitude and love towards yourself this week?

This could be anything!

Do you love your ability to never give up?

Do you love that although you may be stressed, you do not bring others down?

Do you love that you helped someone achieve greatness today?

Do you love how beautiful you looked when you saw your reflection in the mirror?

Do you love the progress you’ve made on your daily to-do list?

Do you love how you perfected your workout plan?

Do you love your outfit?

Do you love your ability to smile even at the hardest of times?

Whatever it may be, materialistic, physical, or inner love…
just find one thing that made your heart feel full this week.

Would love to hear from all of you!

➞Share how you turned up YOUR love dial today!

➞Don’t forget to hashtag #wheresthelovewednesdays

➞Tag a friend who needs their love dial turned up as well

Wishing you nothing but sincere joy,

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Until next time…

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