Where is the Love Wednesday: Learning to value your body for what it’s worth

where's the love wednesday's

➳THIS WEEK: I’ve learned to value my body for what it’s worth.

“I hit the gym hard weekly… why aren’t I seeing results? This is nuts. I must be experiencing a plateau. I should be seeing much better results by now.”

Do you ever get caught up in this type of discouraging thought process?

Here’s how it goes…

Between the visualizations you have for what your body should look like, and the non-stop work you’re putting in…you can’t help but feel like you‘re always at a constant battle with your body.

Like, a serious war.

You swipe through instagram, browse through facebook, and compare yourself to every social media fitness model, actress, hollywood star and even close friends.

All you can think when you see them is, “Perfect.” “Fit.” and “Sexy!”

Yup, it’s 100% confirmed. everyone PRETTY MUCH has their dream bod, but you.

If you’ve ever felt this way, or like you’re constantly at war with your body…you and I need to have a little chat.

First of all…when did you start letting your ego run the show?

During my travels over the last couple of weeks… I’ve come to a conclusion about my body.

When planning our trip (to the complete opposite side of the world), we thought it would be smart to split up our flights, with some longer layovers, to help us save some money.

After all, the whole point was to TRAVEL, and see more right?

The initial idea was brilliant, but if you’ve ever done any long layovers, you already feel my pain when I say, THEY ARE EXHAUSTING.

Completely zonked at LAX
Completely zonked at LAX

We started by flying from YYZ (Toronto) to LAX (Los Angeles).

During our 13 hour layover, be basically hung out at LAX all day.

Our next flight was headed to Auckland, New Zealand, and it was an over night flight.

When we landed, we almost lost a full day, because of all of the time changes.

Just to give you an idea, New Zealand is 21 hours ahead of Los Angeles. (They are literally from the Future!)

We then stopped over in Auckland for 3 days, before we made our last trip to Melbourne, Australia.

Flying over Australia, and preparing to land.
Flying over Australia, and preparing to land.

Between undergoing 4 separate time zones, struggling to get comfortable in our cramped stiff sleeping quarters, and the long days hanging out in the airport with limited healthy food options… I have to say… I was insanely proud of what my body could tolerate.

Sure I was tired, and of course I got cranky at times (sorry Johnny), but ultimately I was more or less IMPRESSED.

I couldn’t believe that after being so outside of my normal, happy, health zone, my body still took care of ME.

It was then that I realized, that taking care of yourself should never be about aesthetic, and just for the sake of ‘looking good’.

You should be treating your body kindly, simply because, you love it for being the incredible vessel that it is!

So the next time you want to skip a workout because, “What’s the point if I’m not getting results”, or put your body to shame because you just don’t feel confident in a bikini…

Why don’t you stop and ask yourself what your BODY wants?

What is it asking for?

Our bodies like to move.
Our bodies like to be nourished.
Our bodies like rest.
Our bodies like to be hydrated.

But most of all, our bodies like to be respected by their OWNERS for being who and what they are.

How often do you challenge your body?
When you do put it through stress, how do you nourish it?
What do you love most about what your body does for you?

I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments section below, with as much detail as possible. You’re body love could inspire someone else to change the way they see themselves and the body they live in.

Let’s be proud of our place called ‘home’.

I’d also love to hear what YOUR mid-week reflection is.

How did you re-connect, express gratitude and send love towards yourself this week?

This could be anything!

Do you love your ability to never give up?
Do you love that although you may be stressed, you do not bring others down?
Do you love that you helped someone achieve greatness today?
Do you love how beautiful you looked when you saw your reflection in the mirror?
Do you love the progress you’ve made on your daily to-do list?
Do you love how you perfected your workout plan?
Do you love your outfit?
Do you love your ability to smile even at the hardest of times?

Whatever it may be, materialistic, physical, or inner love… just find one thing that made your heart feel full this week.

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Remember: I love every inch of you (and you should too),
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