How Uncovering Your Triggers Can Help You Reconnect with Food


By exploring your triggers, have you uncovered any new information about yourself?

Because to be straight up, this really is the whole point of working with your triggers, to begin with!

Take me for example.

When I started to explore my own triggers, I ended up learning SO much about myself.

And not just about my relationship with food…

But with all the different areas of my make-up as well.

I learned more about who I was… and wasn’t.

What I could tolerate, and the things that I just wouldn’t allow to fly anymore.

Boundaries started to become a thing in my world.

And I couldn’t shake knowing that I had been covering up most of my feelings/ emotions with food as a way to self-soothe.

I also learned that although triggers came in all different shapes, and forms

…they still ultimately came down to THOUGHTS that could be changed if I took back my own power, started to shift, and re-write them!

Now that right there?

That was an absolute game changer for me!


Because that’s when I actually uncovered that our destructive, disconnected behaviors around food could be eliminated.


You read that right.

By just simply reconnecting, tuning in, and by being willing to re-program… I COULD heal my relationship with food and my body.

We’ve been talking a hella lot about triggers over the past couple of weeks.

Like what in the heck triggers are, and how you can even start to deal with them.

We also got super clear on the 5 different types of triggers to keep a look out for when you’re working on healing your relationship with food.

And finally, we talked about how food can be misconceived as a trigger, but in reality, it’s the thoughts you’ve built up around particular foods that make it triggering.

But I wouldn’t dare to wrap things up without sharing what my greatest lessons were from uncovering my own triggers.

So if you’ve been wondering how all this trigger talk comes together to help you to reconnect with food…

Then you’re going to want to hit that play button and give this weeks episode a watch.

Because this?

This is what this ENTIRE healing journey is all about!

So what are you waiting for?

Hit that play button! 😉





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