Back to Love Challenge: How to Stop Putting your Love on Hold

love on hold

Have you been hearing the self-love buzz word just about everywhere lately?

When you hear it come up, how does it make you feel?

A little uncomfortable?

Maybe you’ve been feeling like you’re not quiiiite there yet, but you’ll absolutely make loving yourself a priority when you reach a certain point.

We often tell ourselves that we’ll be happy with who and what we are when we:

  • lose X amount of pounds
  • have longer hair
  • get the right job
  • clear our debt
  • meet the perfect guy
  • get married
  • have kids
  • pay our parents back for school

…the list never ends…

We often put off loving ourselves because we think that who we are right now is not worthy of love… but that’s so seriously flawed!

Because here’s the thing…

You can and SHOULD start loving yourself right here, right now… but YOU absolutely have to be the one to make that choice.

And when you do?

A whole new world of opportunity will come barrelling in.

I’ve just kicked off a totally free, 5-week exclusive workshop series that I’m doing for the Back to Love Challenge.

(If you haven’t yet signed up for the challenge, then you’re going to want to get yourself signed up here!)

It all started with Week #1’s episode: How to Stop Putting your Love on Hold.

This week we’re taking the first step towards loving and accepting who we are, by forgetting the long ass list of things we feel like we ‘need‘ to be.


Because we as women have freakin’ work to do.

And we’ve got to stop wasting time and start loving ourselves NOW.

Now, I’m not saying it’s easy…

But if you’ve ever felt pressured by society to be, look or act a certain way… then you’re going to want to watch this episode. 

Because I’m going to help you reel it in, and bring you back to love.

You with me?

Hit that play button!


  • If you want to take this Self-Love journey to the next level- join us inside of the 5-Week  Back to Love Challenge! We’ve only just gotten started.
  • If you want to chat more about self-love or receive support from a group of girls who ‘get it’ come hangout and meet your fellow soul sister in Turn up the Love Insiders, my totally free FB group.
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