Can’t Let go of Losing Weight? Here’s Why: The Religion of Thinness

religion of thinness


I want you to read that again.

Now take note.

When I say the word ‘diet’, what types of thoughts and feelings come up for you?

Take a hot minute to write em down.

I asked this question to my fellow sisters of Turn up the Love Insiders, here’s what they said…

  • “Ugh…not again”
  • Vicious Cycle
  • Punishment
  • Restriction
  • Misery
  • Temporary
  • Dedication
  • Binges
  • Lack of Willpower
  • Boring
  • NO
  • Bland

Any of those resonate, Sister?

Yeah, they did for me as well.

And I’m sure if I was to ask someone to describe prison… they’d say the same thing.

Diets are totally on our shit list.

So why is it that women everywhere continue to search for this ‘mystical diet’,  but yet no one can seem to get their hands on it?  

And why are diets even considered to be the ‘be all end all solution’ anyway? 😒

Especially when we know that diets are only leaving us feeling restricted, controlled, and disinterested…

I mean, think about it…

We literally can’t stand reading the word diet, without yucky thoughts/ and feelings popping up.

But yet, the quest to find one ‘that sticks’ continues.

Why is this happening?

And why are we so useless at sticking to them?

Let me tell you why.

It’s because the quest for the ‘perfect diet’ is also paired with having the ‘perfect body’.


How we praise thinness has become some sort of messed up religion we worship.

Even for the super smart women, (who just like you), GET that the quest to finding the perfect diet is unproductive and a freakin’ waste of our precious time here on earth…

But yet- they still strive for thinness.

And I mean, if anyone gets it… it’s me.

I know how incredibly tough it can be to challenge the cultural norms that have been setup around weight and body image.

Which is exactly why I’m about to shine a mega bright light on the religion of thinness.

Because life is straight up too damn short to waste another minute of your time, emotional energy or sanity over this.

So instead of me using the next few hundred words to tell you how worthy you are of living a life of freedom without bs expectations of what size or shape you’re ‘suppose to be’…

I thought I’d first break down the very reasons behind HOW this crazy religion of thinness came about in the first place.

And help you to uncover WHY you could be hanging onto the idea of being ‘thin’ so tightly… without even realizing it.

So let’s dive in…


Whether you compared yourself to the girl on the cover of cosmopolitan magazine or fantasized about how amazing it would be to look like B.Spears circa 2000, one thing holds true…

The obsession with being thin isn’t new.

We’ve been told for yyyy-ears that thinness = happiness.

Growing up, my friends and I would spend countless hours in front of the mirror picking apart and poking at our flaws.


How we treat our bodies is downright unkind.

From the time we get our hands on our first Barbie doll to admiring the fancy clothing worn on a mall mannequin, we’re told that being thin is what we should want.

Which means you have to be extra cautious about what you’re absorbing from the media on a daily basis.

Because let’s be real, whether it’s the Marilyn Monroe hourglass, the flat tummy of the 90’s, shredded Instagram models, thigh gaps or Kim K booties… we’re never going to be able to keep up with media’s on trend body types.

The expectations are forever changing.

But the overall message stays the same.

If you’re THIN– you will also be successful.’

Which is just not true.

But it can be hard to believe otherwise, especially when thinness leads to being…


You’ve seen this before, haven’t you?

When you’re hitting the gym, posting ‘clean’ foods on social media, losing weight, and going all in with your juice cleanse you’re then praised like you’ve never been before?! 

You’re amazing! I’m so incredibly proud of you”.

“You’re such an inspiration!”

It’s kinda like you went from being a sinner to a saint over night…

While on the other hand, there are people who are living life on their terms… and are defining their own version of happiness…

…But if that doesn’t include having a tiny waist, 5-day juice cleanses, or a sweaty core workout…they’re ridiculed for being ‘lazy’.

Do you see what’s happened here?

Basically, we’re being told that starting a new diet, or having good intentions while on a diet makes us a good person.

And if we’re not doing any of those things, we’re no good.

When in reality it’s this type of extreme lifestyle, fuelled by the need to control and manipulate our bodies…

…that ends up triggering the binge-diet-cycle that so many of us remain stuck in.

Which is why SOO many of us have become serial dieters, or worse hit diet rock bottom.

By now you’re probably thinking, ‘why do we even bother putting ourselves through this mess’?

I used to think the same.

But then I realized how we’re relating to one another has changed entirely.

Which brings me to…

religion of thinness

Gone are the days where we used to use descriptive body words of being plump, stocky, or husky.

No- this already not so nice lingo has taken a turn for the worst.

How we describe our bodies is no longer just about how we look.

It’s now gone to a whole new level of describing how healthy or ill we are.

Now obviously, coming from someone who’s worked in the weight loss industry, I will say I’ve been guilty of using some of these fear based phrases.

To be honest I was pretty brainwashed.

I was trained to use tools like BMI charts, that took someone’s weight and height to describe either their health or illness by using words like ‘overweight’, or ‘obesity’.

And you can only imagine the sheer look on someone’s face when you tell them they are classified as being either of those.

Holy freakin’ heartbreak. 💔

And if you’re thinking ‘my doctor has even used those words‘, then I am SO happy you’re here on this page with me right now.


Because words are powerful!

And I know some will argue that these harsh ways of describing ourselves ‘needs to happen’ so we can face the reality of our health…

But you’ve gotta see that these words are also negatively influencing the way other people (doctors included) relate to us.  

Simply put, by using such harsh lingo it’s changing the way we think of not only ourselves but others as well.

I mean…take the word overweight for example.

Ok, you’re overweight… but over what?

Is this suggesting that there is ONE acceptable weight for all body types, shapes and sizes?

And that EVERYTHING else above that is too much?

Newsflash: we’re diverse human beings!

Not some one size- fits all formula.

You see, this is why it’s SO important for you to work on your relationship with food and your body vs. just trying to desperately change your body with diets.

We can’t feed into the religion of thinness. ✋🏼

Take it from someone whose hated her body at her heaviest, and even more at her thinnest.

Most of us believe that the thinner we are, the more you will love yourself.

But there is nothing further from the truth.

Straight up…

If you’re not happy with yourself now- you won’t be happy with yourself once you get there either.

Feeling joy and content doesn’t come from something outside of yourself.

It starts from within.

If you take anything away from this at all, I hope it’s that thinness doesn’t = happiness.

No matter how ‘thin’, ‘fat’, ‘real’, or ‘normal’, you can still look in the mirror and hate what you see.

Or love it.

The choice is up to you!

If you’re ready to ditch diets once and for all by leaving em behind in the dust but you don’t quite know how to get started…

Then you’re going to want to start here.

This super quick & easy quiz will help you to uncover what stage of healing you’re in so you can get clear on where you’re at.

Otherwise, you could just keep spinning around in the diet cycle without even realizing it.

And nobody’s got timmmmme for that 😉





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