Back to Love Challenge: Pay it Forward- You Owe Her One!

pay it forward

How many times have you looked in the mirror and wanted to change the reflection staring back at you?

…or maybe you’ve learned to completely dodge mirrors all together like I used to.

With this type of avoidance, embarrassment and shame, it’s no wonder we have a disconnected relationship with our bodies.

When I asked the girls inside of the Back to Love Challenge, what their definition of beautiful was…

They stacked up a pretty exclusive list.

To them being beautiful only looked ONE way.

And I get it!

It’s easy to think that, when we’re constantly shown in the media what being beautiful ‘should’ look like.

Which is exactly why last week we focused on letting go of the long list of things we feel like we need to be.

Because here’s the thing…

Being beautiful isn’t a one size fits all.

To be beautiful means:

    • You CAN be any shape or weight
    • You CAN have big boobs or small boobs
    • You CAN be any race or ethnicity
    • You CAN be tall or short
    • You CAN have stretch marks, scars, acne, and cellulite
    • You CAN have short hair, long hair, or no hair
    • You CAN have tattoos, body piercings, and spacers

What if instead of judging your body for how she looks you started to appreciate her for all she’s already done for you?

When you think about all the incredible things your body has done for you, it’s HARD to hate her.

This week we’re going to pay it forward, by giving back to our bodies for all that she’s already done for us.


Because she’s always had our back!

Whether that be heartbreak, sorrow, childbirth, sickness or pain.

She’s been there, holding space…no matter what!

So instead of beating her down, let’s start celebrating this amazing vessel we’ve been given!

And it that all starts by watching this weeks episode.

Check it out!



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