Back to Love Challenge: Get out of your Head and into your Heart

get out of your head

I can hardly believe I’m saying this… but I just wrapped up the LAST + FINAL Back to Love Challenge Workshop.

Yep. Week 5 is here, and this week we’re finishing STRONG.

But before we dive in- I just wanted to remind you of how far you’ve come and everything we’ve covered so far this month.

So to RECAP, on this self- love journey you’ve learned:

  1. Week 1: Stop Putting your Love on Hold — That in order to love yourself you must first accept yourself as you are.
  2. Week 2: Pay it Forward (You Owe Her One!) — To give your body the love and care she deserves by loving her for all that she does for you.
  3. Week 3: Make Peace with your Past — To make peace with your past so you can move forward, and open your heart to receive love.
  4. Week 4: The Curse of Comparisonitis — We all have a uniqueness about us, and there is no need to compare ourselves to others.

The challenge is coming to a close… but if you’d like to be the first to know when the challenge starts up again, you can get yourself signed up on the waitlist.

OR if you’re ready to REALLY crank up your inner love dial, you can submit your application for my incredibly expansive Group Sisterhood Coaching Experience!

Say whattt?

Yep that’s right.

I’m now holding space for a small group of women in an intimate setting, centred around all things self-love, body acceptance, and making peace with food.

And the doors literally JUST opened.

Which means you can submit your application by booking a call with me and I can give you allll the deats on what this experience includes. 😉

But before we wrap things up, let’s get into Week 5: Get out of your Head and into your Heart.

In order to receive the highest form of self-love we need to pay attention to what we THINK about ourselves, and how we SPEAK to ourselves.

When the chatter in our brain is neutral or positive this isn’t necessarily a problem.

But when our thoughts are negative, destructive and critical… they have the ability to completely break us down and force us to return to live in self-hatred.

So how can we keep our mindset in check to ensure that our thoughts don’t hijack operation self-love?!

You can start by giving this week’s workshop a listen.

Because if you can show-up for yourself, and are willing to challenge your thoughts, the less POWER these thoughts will have over you.

So what do you say?

Are you ready to get out of your head and into your heart?!

Let’s do this.


group sisterhood experience

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