Back to Love Challenge: Make Peace with your Past

make peace with your past
Sayyy what!

Can you believe we’re already half way through the Back to Love Challenge training series?!

If times also been racing by for you and you’ve yet to catch up on previous workshops I’ve hosted, you can get yourself caught up to speed here with:

Week 1: Stop Putting your Love on Hold

Week 2: Pay it Forward (Because you Owe her One!) 

So what are we talking about this week?

Week 3 is all about making peace with your past.

Because as great as it is to:

  • buy yourself flowers
  • squeeze in a yoga class
  • eat healthy nutritious foods
  • and recite positive body affirmations….

…In order to REALLY transform…

You need to LET GO of what’s been holding you back.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something fresh flowers, kind affirmations or Shavasana can fix.

Even though these are great ways to be kind to yourself, (and we totally deserve that type of self-care)…

We’re talking about the deep sh*t that’s been keeping you stuck for Y-E-A-R-S.

Remember when I mentioned that you should take reallllly good care of yourself while showing up to do this challenge?

Well, that’s because what we’re about to shine a light on some past experiences that probably didn’t leave you feeling very good.

Your willingness to reflect on your past is very powerful, but it can also bring up uncomfortable feelings.

But just know this- by doing this work you will no longer have your past dictate your future.

By making peace with your past you can finally:

  • Let go of what people said or expected of you
  • Let go of past mistakes and failures, and know that you still deserve nothing but the best
  • Let go of hating yourself and judging your every move

So what do you say?

Are you ready to take back your power and begin to make peace with your past?

Then let’s get to it GF.

You know what to do… hit that play button! 😉


  • If you want to take this Self-Love journey to the next level- join us inside of the 5-Week  Back to Love Challenge! You’ll receive workbooks, private support from me, gain accountability, unlock the weekly challenge activity and so much more!
  • Get caught up on previous Workshops. Watch the replay of Week 1, and Week 2.
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