Loving your Body Means doing What’s Best for HER

loving your body

When you hear, ‘Love your Body‘ what is your immediate first reaction.

Really be honest with yourself here.

Do you roll your eyes a bit?

Feel a stiffness in your chest?

Think to yourself, ‘It’s really not that easy, I’m just not there yet.’


I thought you might feel that way.

Because I was totally in that space as well.

I used to think that loving your body meant that I had to adore, love and gush over all parts of her.

Even the parts I hated.

But when I tried…I just felt soo fake.

Like I was lying to myself.

In all honestly…I wasn’t ready to let go of how I looked, and didn’t want to stop improving her.

I also thought that loving your body meant that I had to let go of healthy eating all together.

Because if I loved and accepted how she looked, I no longer had to force myself to eat salads all day, in order to get the ideal body I dreamed of.

But boy, oh boy was I ever wrong.

And I’m going to explain exactly why in this weeks episode.

Before you dive in– there’s just one thing I can’t stress enough.

Self-love doesn’t mean abandoning healthy principles and just choosing to eat crap instead.


Well because you deserve better than crap, sweetheart.

You deserve to create a happy, flexible lifestyle you’re so in love with, you never feel the urge to cheat on yourself or your body.

Let me help you to get there.

It all starts by hitting play on that video!

You got this. 💜



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