3 Ways to Release Judgment (so it doesn’t ruin your Holiday)!

release judgment

Do you find yourself feeling super judgemental towards your loved ones over the holidays?

Welcome to the club.

During a time of endless family holiday events and closeness, it can be tough to not get frustrated or place judgment on our loved ones during this time of year.

Speaking of others…

If you find yourself feeling pressured by the expectations of others during the holidays… then you’re going to want to give this a watch! 

And I mean, I get it…

It’s not that you want to be frustrated by your mother-in-law for sending your guy home with a jumbo-sized cookie basket… when you’ve told her 101 times that you’re watching your sugar intake.

You definitely don’t like judging your sister for always needing to be the center of attention.

And you’d rather not have an hour-long debate with your uncle on all the reasons behind why dairy no longers works for you and your body…

But the truth is, we’re pretty complex human-beings.

Conflict is a given.

We’re going to have different opinions and outlooks on things.

So what’s a sensitive soul to do, when she so easily gets caught up in the holiday judge Judy blame game?


You give this week’s episode a watch.


Because in this episode, we’re talking alllllll about judgment, and how to release it, so it doesn’t end up ruining YOUR holiday season.

Just because it’s always been this way during the holidays, doesn’t mean it can’t change.

I’m telling you it is possible to let go of judgment.

You can make the choice in this moment to practice a new way of relating to yourself, others, and the world… 

I freakin’ pinky promise.

So what are you waiting for?

Give that play button a HIT, sister!







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