What in the Heck is Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

I’ll never forget the first time I heard about Intuitive Eating.

It was like the heaven’s had opened up, and bright ray of light was pouring down on my dark dieting days.

I was touring around the CBD of Melbourne, Australia with my forever guy… and we had walked by a closing down bookstore, where all books were 60-80% off!

Being the dutch chicka that I am, I couldn’t resist a sale and popped in to see if anything grabbed my interest (even though I totally didn’t have a smidge of space left in my travel pack). 😂

As I made my way through the oh, so crowded, bookshop, I turned a corner, and saw the book, ‘Intuitive Eating‘, by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch staring out at me front line and centre.

At this point I was still a complete diet book junkie, and thought this could be THE diet to change my life.

But boy, oh boy, was I wrong.

It was actually the complete opposite.

It was the ANTI-Diet.

Intuitive eating doesn’t impose guidelines about what or when to eat, or what to avoid.

Instead, it teaches that YOU are the best person — and the only person, to make those choices for yourself.

And I mean, could there be anything more liberating than that?!

Which is why this week?

We’re talking ALL things Intuitive Eating.

Because I couldn’t NOT share this magic with you.

And even though I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of Intuitive Eating for yourself…

In this weeks episode, I’ll also be breaking down the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating so you can get a glimpse of how different this work really is!

In fact, it’s the exact method I teach to the women I work with… and after being a weight loss coach for 4 years, I’ve come to realize that it’s hands down been the best way to support them!


Well, you’ll see what I mean… in this weeks episode.

Let’s just cut the chit chat, so you can watch for yourself!

Your food freedom is just at the other side of that play button.

You can thank me later 😉

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode

  • What exactly IS Intuitive Eating?
  • Why you should know what intuitive eating is, IF you want to learn how to trust food and your body again
  • Breaking down the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating
  • How Intuitive Eating differentiates from Dieting
  • How to get started on your own Intuitive Eating Journey

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Meet your new BFF, the Food Diary. Your compassionate companion to help you get to the bottom of what’s actually going on when you feel disconnected from food and your body. ​Check it out here
  • Gift yourself a copy of the book that changed my life, Intuitive Eating.
  • Read the blog post I wrote for Healthoholics, on 3 Reasons to Love Organic Activity.
  • Get caught up on last months, Body Positivity Episodes.
  • Want to connect with fellow soul sisters who are also ditchin’ diets, making peace with food, and coming home to their bodies? Join Turn up the Love Insiders! My totally FREE FB Group for all things Self-Love.
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intuitive eating

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