3 Ways to Reconnect to your Hunger + Fullness Cues


Are you afraid of trusting in your own intuition when it comes to food?!

To be honest, my relationship with food used to scare the hell out of me…

What I mean is I was either binging on quest protein bars or restricting myself from eating any and all carbs.

I was living in a very black and white, all or nothing mentality, which got me nowhere fast.

Which is exactly why I wanted to start this months discussion on Intuitive Eating.

And I mean, I totally get why intuitive eating can feel anything BUT intuitive at first.

It’s because when you’ve been at war with food… you see it as the enemy.

Ever just gone to eat a cookie, to then later eating the whole box?!

*Hand raised* 

But GF… let me ask you this…

… is food really the enemy?

I believe how we do one thing in our life, is how we do everything else.

So if you’re not trusting food… is there anything or anyone else you’re not trusting?

Your partner? Society? YOURSELF?

Often times when you’re feeling disconnected from food, this has a lot more to do with a lack of self-trust, than anything else.

And this would explain why we fear that if we trusted in our internal hunger cues to guide our food choices, that we would overeat, make all the wrong choices and be ‘unhealthy‘.

Which is why this week?

I share 3 ways that Intuitive Eating will help you to Reconnect with your Hunger and Fullness Cues​… so that you can stop fearing your natural born intuitive nature, and start working with it instead!

Because no one knows what’s better for you, than you!

So let’s get to it!

See you on the other side x


The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode

  • Why Intuitive Eating doesn’t always feel ‘Intuitive’
  • Why we fear to listen to our bodies and natural given intuitive nature
  • Why you might fear listening/ trusting in your body
  • What is weight your weight set point, and why does it matter
  • How to get into the body using mindfulness
  • Questions to help you to uncover what’s going on behind the food

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Meet your new BFF, the Food Diary. Your compassionate companion to help you get to the bottom of what’s actually going on when you feel disconnected from food and your body. ​Check it out here
  • Gift yourself a copy of the book that changed my life, Intuitive Eating.
  • Get caught up on last weeks episode!
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