3 Reasons Why Food isn’t Actually a Trigger


Food really is just food. Nothing less. Nothing more.

Have you ever said to yourself, whenever I’m around X food (chocolate, cookies, chips, etc) I can’t control myself and I binge?


I’ve felt powerless around certain foods too.

And it’s extremely frustrating.

You KNOW you want to have a healthy, connected relationship with food, but you can’t help but feel blocked when trying to get there. (If you’re not sure where these blocks are coming from watch this).

Or maybe you’re aware that you’re feeling blocked, but you keep falling back into the same old patterns, and you can’t stop yourself until the damage is already done.

(If you need some further awareness around what triggers to keep an eye out for, you’re going to want to watch this as well.)

I completely feel you.

And I don’t want you to spend another minute obsessing about what you’ve put into your mouth.

To save you the food guilt, and endless restriction tactics, I’m instead throwing down 3 hard truths about your relationship with food, and why food isn’t actually a trigger.

Because I’ve straight up seen how restriction can trick you into thinking that you have no self-control around food.

But what’s amazing is that once you stop giving your power away to food, you’ll begin to work through your triggers in a less forceful way.

Is this hitting home for you?

Then give that play button a hard hit and watch this weeks episode.


Because food really is JUST food, nothing more, nothing less.

In fact, it can be downright enjoyable.

Wild, I know!

Want to stop giving your power away to food, and learn how to work through your triggers?

Then you know what to do 😉

*Hitttt itttt.* 



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