Would you Rather: Start a New Diet or FINALLY make Peace with Food?


Real talk: January is National Dieting Month.

What I mean is, as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Jan 1st, all of the ‘New Year, New Me‘, diet talk becomes so incredibly loud.

You know…the whole, ‘lose 20 lbs by summer!‘, ‘detox this’, ‘cleanse that‘, chit chatter?!

And if anyone gets how seductive these shenanigans can be… it’s me!

For most of my teenage/ young adult life, I was convinced that dieting, losing weight, and achieving a ‘tight and toned core‘ was the answer.

And even when I didn’t think I was dieting…

(By tracking all of my foods, stepping on the scale countless times a day, ‘eating clean’, or working out at the gym 6+ days a week...) I was!

And if you’re thinking “I’m not doing diets this year, I just want to lose a little bit of weight“…

Then sister…today’s episode is a must-listen if you want to finally find food freedom in 2018.


Because in today’s episode I share why choosing not to diet, isn’t the same as letting yourself go.

And if you’re still chasing the goal of weight loss as a means of being ‘healthy’

Then somewhere along the way you’re going to get lost on what being healthy actually means.

So what’s it going to be?

Would you rather: start a new diet, or FINALLY make peace with food?

The choice is totally yours.

But before you make your decision, you gotta give this episode a watch. 😉


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