How to Toss Out the Idea that Diets are ‘Normal’



We made it.

It’s the end of January, which means National Dieting Month is coming to an end.

And if you’ve made it through the entire month without getting caught up in the tricks and manipulation that diet culture spits out, then I need to take a hot minute to congratulate you!

Because I get it.

It’s no easy task!

So give yourself a big ol’ bear hug, GF. 🤗

Now, before we wrap things up, I first wanted to chat with you about the ‘normalization‘ of diets.


Well, because as you’ve likely been noticing…the diet industry is sneaky AF.

And they are really starting to catch on to the fact that the word ‘dieting‘ just isn’t as sexy anymore.

So what do they do?

They wrap new words like ‘wellness‘ and ‘whole‘ up in a bow and sell it differently, hoping that you won’t catch on!

The truth is, they are actually pretty smart about how they do this.

And often times we don’t catch onto their tricks until we’re already nose deep in another set of rules, falling back into restriction tactics or obsessing about how our bodies compare to the girls on instagram.

Which is exactly why this weeks episode is a MUST watch.

Because we’re going to get into the nitty gritty on why diets are the LEAST bit normal, and how they actually work as a distraction to keep us from experiencing the things that are REALLY important in life.

You know… like finding your souls true calling, and connecting with who you really are underneath it all!

Plus! I also share something that I’ve NEVER shared before, which was recently inspired by this years woman’s march.

HINT! It has to do with raising our children as feminists — and what this has to do with diet culture.

If that sounds like something you could get down with, then let’s dive into this weeks episode.

Hit that play button, sister!

PS. If you’re really loving this discussion, and you’d like to catch up on any of the previous episodes from this month, then you can get yourself caught up to speed right here.


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