How to Handle the Diet Talk while Learning How to Trust Food Again

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We’re already moving and grooving our way right along into 2018.

Which means if you’re anything like me, you’re probably coming down from your holiday high and getting back into a routine.

You could also be looking at those New Years resolutions you set on Jan 1st, and realize that they aren’t looking as sexy as they did when you originally set them.


(This is why I no longer set New Years Resolutions.)

Or maybe after the last couple of episodes, you’re finally realizing that you’re completely DONE with diets, and you’re ready to FINALLY make peace with food this year.

Can I get a hallelujah for that?! 😍

Now, as much as I’m a mega believer in all things ditching diets…

I’m also well aware that during January’s National Dieting Month… it can be extremely tough to drown out all the ‘lose 20 lbs by summer‘, ‘meal prep 101‘, ‘track your foods‘, ‘start this new workout‘, chit-chat.

Diet talk is freakin’ everywhere in our society.

What’s worst is that it’s become this type of bonding mechanism for women to connect with one another.

And it can be challenging when it’s our closest friends or family who instigate these conversations.

So, how do we find the balance between maintaining our relationships, not alienating ourselves from people who think differently than we do, while also not compromising our own healing?


You give this weeks episode a listen.

Because this week, we’re talking all about how to handle the diet talk when you’re in the midst of learning how to trust food again.

If we remain passive to diet culture and don’t boldly reject diet talk…diet culture will persist.

And we already know where that gets us.

So let’s try something new, shall we? 💖



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