Back to Love Challenge: Curse of Comparisonitis


Girlll, have you caught yourself a case of comparisonitis?

Don’t sweat it.

It happens to the best of us.

Especially in a world full of Instastories, SnapChatting, Pinning and Facebooking.

When you’re laying in bed at night, and scrolling through your social media feeds, what type of feelings come up for you?

(Be honest).

Are they feelings of:

    • Jealousy?
    • Anger?
    • Shame?
    • Resentment?

It’s okay. Don’t feel bad about it. I used to feel that way too!

Instagram and Facebook used to be MASSIVE triggers for me.

Whether I was comparing myself to super fit insta-famous girls that modelled what a perfect body ‘should’ look like…

Or the babes that got to travel to the most exotic destinations in the world…

Even the oh, so together pinterest worthy mama’s got to me!

So what’s a girl whose trying to bring more self-love into her life, to do?


You should give this weeks Back to Love Challenge- Week 4 Workshop a watch.


Because this week we’re talking allll about the Curse of Comparisonitis.

How it distorts your perception from reality, what to do when you get caught up in the game of comparison, and how to quiet the inner B we all have inside of us.

Does that sound like something you could use in your life right now?

Then you know what to do, hit that play button GF. 😉


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