How to Treat your Body like your BFF, not your Worst Enemy


Are you and your body BFF’s?!

And by BFF, I mean speaking/ treating your body in a loving, kind and respectful way.

Do you talk to your body the same way you would with a close friend, mother, sister, daughter or ANY of the sacred soul sisters in your life?

If you’re tuning into this weeks episode, I’m guessing not.

Which unfortunately has become the new ‘normal‘ in our culture btw!

In fact, a large majority of the women I work with, often tell me it’s the inner dialogue and taming their minds that they struggle with MOST when it comes to body love.

And I get that.

I mean, our minds run a million miles a minute.

So often we have these unconscious thoughts and allow them to swirl around without even realizing how much they are affecting our relationship with ourselves.

What’s more is when you do have these thoughts of not feeling good enough…

…needing to change certain aspects of yourself (losing weight, cellulite, stretch marks, blemished skin …anyone?)

It can be hard to pull yourself out of this self-critical cycle.

Which is exactly why I wanted to dedicate an entire series towards cultivating more self-love in your life.

Because let’s face it: Self-Love is what sets the foundation for any other area of your life to approve upon, and without it you’ll just be brought right back to into feelings of unworthiness.

And we don’t want that.

So in this episode, I’m sharing not only how to have a more loving and compassionate inner dialogue with yourself, but also how you can start treating your body like your very own BFF.

PLUS: I also share my newest body love revelation that came about over the last year or so, why I thought my body was ‘broken’, and what I did about it.

Want to start feeling like your body is your #1 supporter and bestie in life?

Hit that play button, GF!



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