How to Accept your Body, Even if you Don’t Love it Yet!


That’s right!

Even if you don’t fully love your body…


You can TOTALLY start to accept, and honour yourself with where you’re at.

(You can take a big sigh of relief now! 😉)

But how do you ACTUALLY do it?

Well, in order to love your body you first have to start by accepting the body you already have.

Because straight up?

You can’t hate yourself into love.

Let me explain.

When I was first getting started on this whole body love journey, I remember putting SO much pressure on myself to love my body right out of the gate.

But I wasn’t ready to feel the discomfort.

You know…

The discomfort that comes when you look in the mirror after putting up a big ol’ peace sign to the rigidness of diets…

…and then seeing your body shift, and change?

Ya. That.

Well…that’s all part of the healing!

It’s the lesson you need to learn in order to go from hating your body thin, to accepting your body for more than just the physical reflection you’re seeing in the mirror.

Because how can you love or even just accept your body if you’re constantly beating yourself up about gaining a few pounds, or feeling tighter in your clothing?

The truth is… you can’t!

Which is exactly why we’re talking all about how you can accept your body, even if you don’t love it yet.

Because you CAN come to a place of acceptance without having to wait for all the healing to be done.

And it all starts by hitting that play button and giving this episode a watch.

I’ll leave you to it! 😉


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