You know things need to change, but you’re so busy doing things for everyone else.

You really wish to eat clean healthy foods that fuel your body the right way but the selection surrounding you is anything but. It’s everything from the drive-thrus, sit down restaurants, what’s stocked in your house, even the food that your family cooks / brings home. So you end up giving up, and caving for the quickest, readily available option.

You just don’t have the time or energy to focus on you right now, so you end up putting yourself on the back burner yet again…

You try to ignore the fact that all of this is going on in your mind.

You don’t even recognize yourself anymore. When you look at yourself in the mirror you feel disappointed, and defeated by the person staring back at you.

You keep feeling as though you need to reconnect with yourself again, so you can STOP GIVING UP, start getting results and begin putting your BEST self out into the world.

does this sound like you

If so, I hear you- and don’t worry…I’ve got your back!

imagine a life

Where you felt completely connected with your authentic self.

You are no longer stressed about your relationship with food, and you were confident in selecting nourishing, delicious dishes that fueled your body in all the right ways.

You experienced high levels of energy, which motivated you to tackle your busy day.

You could focus on what matters to you most, and you were super clear on how to make your dreams a reality.

I’m Sairah Pettes, healthy lifestyle coach, and the founder of Turn Up The Love Life Coaching.

My passion is serving beautiful souls-just like yourself, achieve optimal health and wellness using an approach that embodies living healthy in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

After several years of working as a personal health coach for one of Canada’s largest weight loss companies, I quickly grew tired of following their corporate road map.

I found I served women best when I connected with them authentically and on my own terms. I discovered my clients wanted to work with REAL people. Real people who also had challenges, struggles, and worries. But they also wanted to relate with someone who had been in their shoes.


On this journey together, we will completely transform you from the inside out. You’ve always been beautiful- now it’s just a matter of practicing extreme self-care, and turning up your inner love dial so you too can learn to honor and respect yourself, one positive step at a time.

mindbodyspiritYour MIND will be your new-found retreat – where you will go for clarity and to nurture it with everything it’s been crying out for.

I’m here to help you recognize that being good to your BODY doesn’t need to be restrictive, repetitive, or boring. You won’t find any carb cutting, calorie counting or protein minimalizing in here-and don’t worry I’m not even going to bring up the dreaded ‘D-word’, either!

We’re going to downright Ditch ‘Dieting’!

This is not about limiting and depriving yourself in any way. It’s about connecting with your SPIRIT, and feeling confident to nourish and respect yourself, one centered step at a time.

Through my ‘Love your body, Love your Life’ packages, I ensure that soulful ladies, find a NEW way of eating that fits their lifestyle like a glove. The program is completely designed to introduce them to the rest of their authentically empowered, loveable lives.

To learn more, (and get all the best tips to start living your best life now), CLICK HERE.
I can’t wait to see you flourish.

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